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  • Wed, 16:17: Opinion | Trump has his own ideas of what kind of justice we will have https://t.co/4wKYIWukw8
  • Wed, 17:18: @12News The players are NOT protesting the National Anthem. They are kneeling during the anthem to protest INJUSTI… https://t.co/j7P1WLE7XB
  • Wed, 17:34: RT @Stonekettle: Conservatives: Fuck 'em! WHO CARES WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD THINKS? We're America! Also Conservatives: OMG! The rest o…
  • Wed, 18:35: 5 of 5 stars to Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold https://t.co/cL4Ib2O6Mu
  • Wed, 20:19: I missed this story - I liked Jerry. He was always funny: Jerry Van Dyke, star of ‘Coach,’ dead at 86 https://t.co/PlCWrFPHnq
  • Wed, 20:23: RT @Stonekettle: "...people who sneak in illegally get to vote and determine who runs the government..." Prove it. There is NO evidence…
  • Thu, 04:26: RT @jamisonfoser: So you’re telling me the thing Republicans & reporters have been yelling about for days is bullshit? Huh. SO WEIRD. https…
  • Thu, 04:27: RT @JohnCleese: I see Daffy Donald says there was 'no collusion'. Well, that settles it ! But then, why does he behave exactly as he would…
  • Thu, 04:27: RT @ASlavitt: BREAKING NEWS ON CHIP: CBO now says if Congress extends CHIP for 10 years instead of 5, it will not cost the government ANYTH…
  • Thu, 04:28: RT @KamalaHarris: We need to keep up the fight against mass incarceration. With the opioid epidemic raging across our country, we don’t nee…
  • Thu, 04:29: RT @TheScaryNature: Tornado decimates school gymnasium https://t.co/NJItHXwUSx
  • Thu, 07:36: Saying “the Fed has no jurisdiction on Federal lands” is almost as stupid as “keep your government hands off my Medicare.”
  • Thu, 07:36: RT @ananavarro: It’s true many Americans won’t let go of 2016 election. How can they? -Hillary won popular vote; -The Russians interfered;…
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