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  • Mon, 18:40: RT @HamillHimself: Your idea for a FAKE NEWS CONTEST is sheer genius, sir. Presidential, dignified & a sure-fire ratings-getter! Very smart…
  • Mon, 18:41: RT @StopBigMoney: Never Forget: hidden in the GOP’s tax bill is a roll-back of the 1954 Johnson Amendment -- a provision experts have calle…
  • Mon, 18:43: RT @TopherSpiro: BREAKING: They do not have the votes yet for the tax bill. This week is make or break. Possible vote Thursday. Here's what…
  • Mon, 18:44: RT @MuslimIQ: White privilege is enforcing Black slavery, then Jim Crow, then segregation, all the while the KKK proliferates—then feeling…
  • Mon, 18:44: RT @AlishaRai: If you're pondering why Americans are so delighted by this Megan and Harry news, some possible reasons: 1) she's a successf…
  • Mon, 18:50: Wow. https://t.co/EwO7UKgJMn
  • Mon, 19:33: Tiny Kitten Brought To Store in Tissue Box Gets Her Life Turned Around With Love... https://t.co/itb6WFJGQN
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