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  • Sat, 09:04: RT @BadAstronomer: This such a gross dereliction of their duty as Senators that - even now, even in 2017, even with Trump - this is mind bo…
  • Sat, 09:04: RT @NickKristof: It's staggering that the U.S. President takes the word of a Russian dictator who presides over the killings of journalists…
  • Sat, 09:05: I hope the bird remembers he can fly. https://t.co/RzHnwzUpgQ
  • Sat, 09:07: Unless it was such a normal, routine thing to them that they honestly HAVE forgotten... 😢 https://t.co/NDojY1ghqP
  • Sat, 09:11: RT @dodo: This homeless dog was rescued and trained him to be a service dog for veterans — and that's when he met his dad ❤️ (via @GreatPla
  • Sat, 09:41: Why the George Takei allegation is a weak case https://t.co/dsZzwtaSZO -- the comments are very thought-provoking, too.
  • Sat, 09:42: RT @Wolfe321: RT if when you were under the age of consent a much older man made advances—or more—on you.
  • Sat, 09:42: RT @JoyAnnReid: Well, at least they're being honest now. The GOP is here for their rich donors, and that's about it. And they no longer car…
  • Sat, 09:43: RT @Mikel_Jollett: GOP: WE believe Democrats ran a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlor that had no basement. Also GOP: We don…
  • Sat, 09:44: RT @billyeichner: RT'ing this again. I'd never thought about the dangers of Trump's FAKE NEWS bullshit in quite this way and it hit me in t…

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