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Today I am 41. I feel no different than when I was 40. Birthday loot includes a lovely silver-and-marcasite necklace, money from Mom, a Best Buy gift card which purchased "The Simpsons Season 6" (surely one of the best seasons of all), "Ren & Stimpy" first and second season uncut, a Liam/Angelus doll (he does NOT look like Elvis! Much...), and some rain checks because nearly everyone I know is in a state of perpetual brokeness (which includes me). The day was spent playing Baldur's Gate and then doing a little yard work.

My clothes are starting to fit VERY tightly again. I did, I admit, gain a few pounds on vacation, but not that much; so I assume it's because my workouts have been somewhat less than what they once were. I can't afford to re-join the gym, but that is really what I may have to do if I can't get my butt in gear to do a full-on workout at home. Trouble is, I don't have the weight equipment, and doing pushups is just beyond me. Motivation? Yikes.

My CD burner is acting up badly. I think I need a new one. I tried to burn a disc today and it first failed the testing portion of the burn process, then refused to work at all, and I had to reboot everything. SIGH.
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