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Today I bitch. I bitched about this, that, and the other thing. Some things in particular I bitched about included:

Why in God's name can't the people in my unit learn to do things the right way after having been taught and taught and taught how it's supposed to be done? Every time we tell them how to do it, they will automatically go back to doing things the way they were doing them before. In one ear and out the other. This job is NOT rocket science. It's really the easiest job in the entire universe, and I like it because I can spend most of my day writing in my head or listening to CDs to review. I just don't understand people who don't understand.

The Republicans of this state are complaining that a picture of the Governor appears on billboards advertising Arizona tourism, calling it "obvious campaigning." Funny, I haven't heard a word out of them about the fact that Governor Arnie appears in State of California tourism commercials.

@#$!$%@^#@$%^# cellphones. 'Nuff said.

Self-pity bitching: Today an email went out announcing a birthday breakfast next week for Dan, but not a word about my birthday, which is two days before his (birthdays are always a highlight for monthly events at my office).

Why does this stupid country always punish the innocent to take down the guilty? I apparently have to reconcile myself to always having a sinus headache because I can't walk into a store and buy perfectly legal sinus medication because some idiot yahoos use it to make dangerous drugs. Yes, I'll admit "meth=bad." No doubt. But I'm sure there's an easier way to go about preventing it than making allergy sufferers into criminals (wait, no... not easier. This is easy because they don't actually have to DO anything, like catch the bad guys. But BETTER). Every time I have asked at a pharmacy for the pseudoephedrine of my choice, I get an annoyed look from a harried pharmacy assistant and either grudging assistance or a "we don't carry that kind" in a brusque manner. I like being able to buy my medication off the shelf, as I always have, in one or two boxes at a time. I like the new stuff (phenylephrine) okay, that can't be made into something dangerous (yet), but it doesn't work as well nor does it come in handy 12-hour dosages. All that's left is getting photographed and fingerprinted, and that's to buy something which is legal and only POTENTIALLY dangerous in the wrong hands. Addendum: The spell check on LJ thinks "phenylephrine" should be "flavoring." :)

They don't make us sign a log when we buy alcohol, and that's ALREADY something dangerous in the wrong hands (and often in the "right" hands).

Did ANYONE ever have a soda machine in grade school? We certainly didn't. I remember when I was six or seven, the very first time I actually finished a whole can by myself. There wasn't a soda machine in school until high school. These kids today! We had a choice of milk or water, and that was it (and it was water from the drinking fountain, too, no fancy imported bottles). And we walked to school... uphill both ways... blah blah blah.

Lest anyone think my life is all complaining, I will say that the re-issue of David Allan Coe's "Penitentiary Blues" is totally awesome.
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