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  • Wed, 20:03: I know Americans want to wall off the country and hide, but honestly... we live in the WORLD. https://t.co/zFSQ4u1cfS
  • Wed, 20:04: RT @womensmarch: Trans people are not a disruption. Trans people are not a disruption. Trans people are not a disruption. Trans people are…
  • Wed, 20:04: RT @TeaPainUSA: 1) Trump wantin' to fire Sessions so he can fire Mueller is a Hail-Mary pass. You only throw a Hail-Mary when there's 5 s…
  • Wed, 20:04: RT @jk_rowling: Eliminates funding for UN Population Fund, withdraws from Paris climate Agreement, publicly undermines NATO, leaks Israeli…
  • Wed, 20:05: 😭😓😥 https://t.co/UiE7mbGSU3
  • Wed, 20:05: RT @_Snape_: Moist owlette https://t.co/TWyDuk7VyB
  • Wed, 20:05: RT @WilliamAder: Why can't transgenders serve in the military? It's not like they've got bone spurs.
  • Wed, 20:07: RT @MichaelSkolnik: Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million Medical services for transgender people in the mil…
  • Wed, 20:07: RT @GeorgeTakei: Trump is banning all transgenders from the military. To those who believed Trump would be a friend to LGBTs, time to admit…
  • Wed, 20:07: RT @HamillHimself: Lucky U have the type of bone spurs that gets you 5 deferments & not the kind that prevents bursting into girl's dressin…
Tags: #demswork4usa, #gop, #healthcare, #richgetricherbudget, #senators, #uniteblue, #voters, twitter
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