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  • Wed, 07:50: RT @JoyAnnReid: Bold. The "terrible and disingenuous in every way" gambit. Did he remember to solicit donations from the faithful? https://…
  • Wed, 07:50: RT @SenKamalaHarris: Let's be clear - if a foreign adversary contacts a campaign with damaging information about an opponent, first call sh…
  • Wed, 07:50: RT @JohnCleese: And I doubt if you know the whole world, outside the US, is laughing at Trump. You should go there sometime... https://t.c…


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Jul. 12th, 2017 11:44 pm (UTC)
What don't the Repubs get about "foreign power" and "not our friend" that they think the FBI shouldn't have been notified of this offer, whether anything came of it or not?

Don't answer that. Rhetorical question.
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