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Less tired

Okay, looking better and better... maybe there's something to this myth about sugar makes you fat... :D

This weekend was somewhat productive. I got a few more things done around the house (since it's still way too hot for going outside to do much), we had a lovely pork roast for dinner Saturday and finally got around to watching "Don Juan deMarco," which now I wish I'd been watching in the nine or so years since its release, it's SO GOOD!!!

I need a name for something like a Watcher's Council that's not the Watcher's Council but similar, and I don't mean the Talamasca, either (but something similar). A formal group that observes vampires and mystical happenings. But not the Watcher's Council. Or the Talamasca.

Well, I can't remember what I actually had to say this morning, so I guess I'll stop and get ready for work.
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