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  • Sat, 20:29: @nutmeg3isme Happy Birthday! Hopefully I'll come up with a good present for you this year (late, as always).... 😘
  • Sun, 08:53: I'm so afraid. The political lexicon of a billionaire populist https://t.co/v0Fme95OED
  • Sun, 08:53: RT @GeorgeTakei: 3 days ago, Preet Bharara was asked to look into Trump's violations of Emoluments Clause. Any wonder he was fired? https:/…
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @GeorgeTakei: We sprang forward one hour, but fell back 40 years.
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @TeaPainUSA: BREAKING: Trump calls for Congressional investigation of President Obama for last night's missin' hour. #DaylightSavingsGate
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @kylegriffin1: Flag— How many ppl are going to lose coverage under AHCA? Ryan: "I can't answer that question. It's up to people." https:…
  • Sun, 08:55: RT @kylegriffin1: Elizabeth Warren rips into Trump over Bharara, Attorneys firings in Tweetstorm: "You can't fire the rule of law." https:/…
  • Sun, 08:56: RT @BryanDawsonUSA: In this season of #Lent, as Trump bans refugees and rips mothers from their children, we reflect on the meaning of #Eas


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