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More Angel props are up at eBay, including Wesley's tea set. I collect Blue Willow, so I've always noticed the set, and now that I can look at the picture closely, I figure the prop folks had as much trouble finding a vintage tea pot as I did -- that's a brand-new Churchill (microwave safe!) stoneware pot; the saucers likewise are from the new Churchill set; the cups may be Churchill, but I can't tell for sure. Some of them look older. The creamer is VERY old, with an old pattern and the color is off the rest of the set. I guess they weren't kidding about the budget, if they didn't think Wesley could actually have a matching tea set, or something.

They're also auctioning off one of Spike's shirts (from Out Of My Mind), which Spike fans apparently think is ugly, but I think is totally awesome. The pattern is very Western, I guess. I wear Roper shirts with Aztec patterns, so there it is.

I only caught pieces of the news today, and it was all desperately depressing. A woman babysitting her niece left said child in her carseat in the back seat of the car this morning, having "forgotten" her--it got to 115 today. Child died, woman arrested for negligent homicide. A family home burned to the ground and while all the people got out, several of the family cats were killed (the firemen were showing two of the teeny, weeny kittens they'd saved; I assume there was a mommy cat and litter within--they were vague about the details); also, the family dog is missing. I hate hearing about the demise of animals. Bush stands by his "anyone who leaks information will be fired" comment, but apparently, according to the administration, Rove isn't under investigation for anything. *very heavy sigh*

I feel bloated and fat, although the scale says I'm still maintaining. My pants are all tight. It better be hormones, that's all I'll say about it. I want this shirt. I don't know if I should spend the money right now, though. At least my truck passed emissions this afternoon.

Poignant television moment which has been running non-stop through my head for the past several days: John Crichton, face full of hope and adoration, is waiting at the steps from Talyn's transport pod. He welcomes Rygel back, and even Crais, and then his whole being lights up from within when Aeryn appears. "Well, there's a familiar face." She looks at him with a weird coldness and says, "Hello, John," then passes him by without another word.

Just that "Hello, John." I keep hearing it. Damn, FarScape rocks like a rocking thing.
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