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Good weekend

I had a grand weekend. Saturday we went to see Howl's Moving Castle, which I loved, and then we watched more FarScape (we've reached Duplicate Crichton), and finished off the evening with the strange but oddly entertaining The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I can guess why it wasn't popular with the mainstream, but I enjoyed it.

Sunday rahirah and I played Baldur's Gate all day, and I do mean ALL day (until about midnight), which was waycool fun.

Monday I made BBQ sauce from scratch, and slow roasted pork spareribs with it, baked a pound cake (Cake Mix Doctor), then grilled up some pineapple rings and chicken breasts to fill out the 4th afternoon picnic--everything very yummy, I was pleased--and then had the annual screening of 1776 before setting forth to see fireworks over at the Indian School Steele Park.

I got rid of my tape of Yankee Doodle Dandy because I was going to get it on DVD, but unfortunately, I haven't yet, so I couldn't watch it this weekend.

Then back to the old grind today. I made inroads on staying caught up. Enough about work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, edgedancer!!!

Not that he actually reads these things, but tiirz will pass it on, I'm sure. :) I didn't have a chance to get him a gift on time, so it'll get to him late this year.
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