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And now comes Friday

I couldn't believe the news when I started for home. Sandra O'Connor is retiring. Oh, I'll sign petitions and donate what I can and do the song and dance to support a moderate candidate, but in the case of Bush and anything to do with this administration, "There's always more down." I'm skeered. But I do wish the best for Ms. O'Connor. She's a very admirable woman, and a great Arizonan.


We are a full day behind at work in one line of business, and over two weeks behind in another. Our company refuses to staff us adequately, and apparently, this is now happening company-wide, as it is Corporate's idea to see that all the work can be done by fewer employees, WHILE at the same time pushing for growth and increased policies, despite fewer service centers, fewer claim representatives, and, obviously, fewer people handling the administrative services. They won't allow us to have temps or overtime, although since our normal work week is 38 hours and 45 minutes, we will be allowed to work to 40 hours without our supervisor getting tinged for illegal overtime (and that's with pay, just normal time rather than overtime).

It seems to me that the so-called "Number One Insurance Company" in the country (I'll let you guess, if you want) is going to be stumbling hard if it doesn't consider hiring adequate staff for the increased workload. Policyholders and claimants alike aren't going to be saying nice, rosy things about a company that can't get their claims settled quickly because their mail is sitting for days on our desks because we have only 11 people handling ALL the mail for three states.

Raves and rants. For anyone who's interested in 'em.

I came home with the idea of actually doing something, but rahirah was napping so I laid down, too, and nearly two hours later... I guess I sort of needed the snooze. I was certainly tired today, although I was in bed by 8:30 last night.

I need to do some website updates, so hopefully I can get my pictures developed tomorrow and get those done, which include finishing an article, and then back to work writing. Entire plotlines and *gasp* themes have appeared in my head, and that never happens when I write. Usually I just write scenes with my characters and then string them all together in some sort of timeline order.
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