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The Things I Did Today

I did not sleep as much as I wanted to. Cuervo the Mighty kept pushing me off the pillow in his desire to sleep on my head, and cats are really HOT. So I was hot and I was too tired to move him, because he will not be budged and he's heavy. Besides, he always comes right back. And then I had a headache. Around six or so, I got up and took Advil, then resigned myself to trying to sleep with a cat on my head. I managed to make it to around 9:30, but it wasn't really restful sleep.

So I got up. I did not get the house clean, but I DID get the kitchen presentable, then I squeezed all the limes that have been sitting in the fruit drawer and made lime curd that has actually CURDED. I made the pistachio-chocolate macaroons to use up the egg whites, and then used the last of the lime juice in a nice lime sorbet, using my new ice cream maker for the second time (on Friday I made a chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream which is so rich it's really more like frozen custard). I also made a very good chicken salad, with chunks of apples and walnuts. Quite tasty.

We played some more Baldur's Gate.

I've written about a page.

I'm watching part 4 of "Into the West." It's not groundbreaking television, but I like it okay. Christian Kane is in tonight's episode.
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