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Ups and downs

Last week I meant to update, but I got all depressed and then the links I wanted to post weren't ready yet, and so I just kept putting it off and putting it off until, well, hey, what do you know, it's this week. And now suddenly this week is over. Fortunately, the depression managed to take off, but it was, I believe, exacerbated by the real fear that our next president will be Bill Frist. I'm going to try not to think about THAT until 2007.

This week was HELL. We were already behind because we lost a few people, and then more people were out. Death seemed to stalk me, as first our supervisor's father-in-law passed; then a former temp in Word Processing who was hired on permanent in HR passed away (cancer); and then the mother of another unit member passed. With three people already on vacation, suddenly we were another two down, and then sickness struck. As a result, by Thursday I had reached the "I can't possibly ever get caught up, so who the hell cares?" point, which I hate. So I came home on Friday feeling sick, tired, and stressed.

Somewhat better now. Still tired, but getting a little tipsy on gin.

Friday night I was tired, but we went to get Mexican takeout, which was good, and watched more FarScape, since we FINALLY got the disc containing "The Locket" and "The Ugly Truth," so we were able to finally also watch "Liars, Guns, and Money" all the way through tonight. WOW, what a collection of great episodes!!! Anyway, after the duo of epis last night, I got up relatively early this morning and did a little yardwork, then we went out for a little shopping, then tried to hit the afternoon showing of "Howl's Moving Castle," only to be informed it was sold out (which is good as well as bad; bad for us, good for the movie). So we did a little more shopping, wherein I spent money I shouldn't have, and then grabbed some more takeout, this time barbecue (YUMMY!), and watched more FarScape, finishing up Season 2 and starting Season 3.

Wow. That's all I need to say about the end of S2 and start of S3. WOW. Sat there through all of the last two episodes, the last part of "Liars, Guns," and "Die Me, Dichotomy" clutching an empty bottle and crying (empty because I didn't want to get up and risk missing anything, crying because, well, I cry at card tricks). I'm really getting into the Ben Browder lurve. I am of the body now.

I hope I can sleep a little later tomorrow morning, although I'm not sure if my cat will allow me. He was most insistent I wake up this morning. And good thing, too, really. It got the hedges trimmed.

I am a callus seedling-murderer. rahirah says so.
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