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When Dreams Screw Up a Perfectly Good Night Of Sleep

When you're given to writing fiction at all hours of the day and night, when do the wanderings of your brain become the dreams in sleep? Sunday nights frequently make me wonder how much I actually dreamed and how much was just my mind trying to lull me back to sleep. I distinctly remember being awake, and laid awake for some time with my mind roaming wildly all over the place because I expected my alarm to go off at any moment, when finally nature determined I'd better check the clock -- and found there were, in fact, a bit more than three perfectly good hours of sleep still left to the night. Therefore, I went to the bathroom and tried to get back to sleep. I believe I did, because I had a dream, and now I'm not sure where the dream stopped and where my mind took over. I can't remember details, dang it.

I'm writing, on and off (mostly off), a story about a vampire by the name of Sean Patrick O'Connor (he kinda started existence as a "Vampire - The Masquerade" character, but in the fic he's somewhat older and a lot more experienced/stronger than he is, alas, in the game... where despite more than a passing knowledge of firearms, was forced by the rolls of the dice to shoot some guy about a million times before a werewolf came to break the dude's neck for him...). ANYWAY, before the parenthesis took over, my mind was muddling away at mentally describing the basement of Sean Patrick's new bar, most of which is a fine wine cellar but has a small room which does nicely for a vampire daytime hideaway. There I believe dream took over because I'm fairly certain the characters of the "Midnight Louie" series -- which I did not write -- don't belong in my own stories. Which, BTW, if you like mysteries, they're wonderful; written by the amazingly prolific Carole Nelson Douglas.

I do often wish I didn't have to get up in the morning and go to work. If they would just send me my paycheck without all the bother of getting out of bed it would be such a wonderful world...
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