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Of course I'm a Cowboy

I wouldn't have expected any other result
Cowboy Lawman
You scored 4 Honor, 8 Justice, 8 Adventure, and 2 Individuality!
You don't just want to explore the open plains, you want to tame it. You're a man with scruples and the steel nerves to back them up. You'd fit well with gunslingers like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. You're a Cowboy Lawman.

Wear your star and sixgun proud, Marshall. You're gonna do just fine!

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 0% on Ninjinuity

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Last night, despite being tired from yard sale-ing, I cowboyed up and headed over to the Yucca Tap Room because I haven't seen Dave Insley in over a month (he's been on tour; said it's been going great); plus, his brother Mark was up from Tucson, and, as a bonus, Americana sweetheart Rosie Flores was going to be there, too. On top of all that, it was Dave's wife, Brenda's, birthday party. Couldn't miss it.

The opening act was Los Guys, another local group, who needed to adjust their sound, but man, their lead singer could sing (he's Mark Zubia of The Pistoleros). They did a few covers and a few originals, and the lead singer introduced his brother, Laurence, to sing another one, and his voice was even better than his brother's. I'll have to look them up and see about picking up their disc, if I can find 'em. The Pistoleros have a site, but I haven't found Los Guys yet.

I staked out the tall table right by the door, across from the stage, so I was in good position for my pal Theresa to find me (which she did), and somehow I ended up being the merchandise lady for both Rosie and Dave, since it was a good spot for selling CDs. Rosie sold five, but one was to me (I realised I have about a half-dozen tracks by Rosie on different Americana compilations and duets with guys from Dale Watson to Dave Insley, but not her own CD!).

Dave led everyone in a round of Happy Birthday and they brought in a really nice cake, which Brenda cut and passed out to everyone in the bar, then Mark and Rosie took the stage. It was a pure country evening, Mark leaning more on his country side than his rockin' side, they did several duets and some solos, each solid acoustic, before Dave and his Careless Smokers came on and the place went electric.

All in all, a damned good show. I stayed until the end, which meant about 2 in the morning, and chatted for a while with Rosie and Dave, wished Brenda a happy birthday, and drove very carefully home (I did have a couple of drinks, but I stopped just after midnight). It's nice to know there is a time in Phoenix when the streets are empty -- it looked almost like it used to when I first moved up here.
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