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Writing and Thoughts

I have been doing all my thinking on Twitter, for some reason, keeping myself to 140 characters when it seems I was ever unable to write less than 15,000 words on anything. Go figure.

Lately so many of my thoughts have been so lame I haven't felt the need to inflict them on anyone, even myself; this means a half dozen or so "books" (so called because they have many words, not because they're actually published or bound in volumes or anything) lay around unfinished and unwanted by anyone, leaving me with that "well, why am I even bothering?" Of course, I know the answer - I lack the fundamental ability to sell myself, and I know this, and that is the main reason I'm not published. I DO have the ability and no matter what some of my readers have said, I know I can write. I just don't do what a writer should do, and that is sell myself. So self-pity aside, that's the bottom line.

I have written a few original paragraphs. Go, me.

And then there's Trump. 'Nuff said. I'm bouncing between "this is it, the apocalypse is nigh" and "sha, there's no way it's happening." The latter is not winning, because that is how I felt when Duhbya was running. Never underestimate the American people and their depths of stupidity, especially as we appear to be getting stupider and stupider. The future of "Wall-E" seems more and more likely all the time. As long as we're fat and entertained, who cares? Build a wall around the country and call us The Capital (of Panem).

But that's my despairing self.

This month my "Hyperbole & a Half" calendar has one of my favorite cartoons by Ally Brosh, with the caption, "Subject does not like it when it is 100 degrees. Thinks this temperature should not exist." I wanted to find that so I could make it into an icon. I read back through the existing Hyperbole & a Half blogs until well before I'd started reading them in the first place, and couldn't find that cartoon. I was CERTAIN I'd seen it before, but still couldn't find it. So I finally Googled just the line... and found a blog called "The Dayman," which included that quote, as well as several other quotes and situations I could have sworn I'd read in Hyperbole (but could not find). The Dayman blog is dated 2014, and Ally's last blog post was in 2013.

I'm not sure who's been stealing from whom, or if everyone shares my feeling that temperatures over 100 degrees should not exist.

This was a roundabout way of saying it's been freaking hot in Phoenix. While I've lived in Phoenix since 1986, I appear to be getting LESS acclimatized, not more so; lately I seem to get heat stroke (or the less extreme version of same, which I can't remember the word for) WAY more easily than I used to, including coming back from evening dog walks so shaky and trembling I have to lay on the floor for a while to recover. I have become a tremendous wuss.

I know it's been months since I posted here. Maybe I can start trying to post more regularly. Maybe if I was funny I could get an audience and actually become a REAL blogger. Maybe I could flap my arms and fly to the moon (that you, Charlie Brown).
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