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  • Sat, 21:11: The star of the original "Roots" explains why the remake is must-watch television https://t.co/taecbhPe1M via @MotherJones
  • Sun, 09:24: How did public bathrooms get to be separated by sex in the first place? https://t.co/mNfH5dpijF via @ConversationUS
  • Sun, 18:04: Watching classic Dr Who and suddenly realized that almost all of the first 5 seasons of New Who took place on Earth, or relating to humans.
  • Sun, 18:06: The few that took place on other planets/space stations were all Earth descendants. (New Earth) Even the Cybermen were from Alt-Earth.
  • Sun, 18:10: In fact, going through all of New Who, it's almost ALL Earth and/or Earth-related, except for some rare exceptions. Mmmm.
  • Sun, 20:10: Obama’s origami cranes he left behind touches many hearts:The Asahi Shimbun:The Asahi Shimbun https://t.co/VIPy5dFlzM
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