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Galloping crud

Well, that little cough turned into a full-on cold and by Sunday afternoon I was flat on my back, and I've pretty much stayed that way since. I tried to go to work yesterday but came home in defeat before lunch. I'm sitting up now, a significant feat, but my head yearns to be horizontal again already (all I've done is clean out the spam and look at a little email). Not much of a cough left, although what is there is cleaning out the gook. Mainly I'm left hungry but with no appetite (nothing tastes like anything), tired of sleeping but pretty much unable to do much else, can't really focus on reading, so all I've done is watch TV.

I watched "Passions" yesterday. Save me! At least "House" was good. I did, however, miss the first part of the "Elvis" movie on Sunday (and yes, I wanted to see it).

Hopefully I will have enough energy to do something tomorrow.
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