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The World's Greatest


Where there is the world's most comfortable bed
With the world's best pillows
Wherein sleep the world's best dog
Two (or three) of the world's best cats
The world's best armchair is in the living room
Where there is the world's best mess waiting
And the world's best kitchen
Best of them all, the world's best wife.
No matter where I've been and where I go,
The world's best waits here at home.

Right in a row, I read three memoirs: Bill Bryson's Walk in the Woods, then finished Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy, and am now halfway through Harrison Scott Key's World's Largest Man.

Lawson and Key back-to-back are an interesting combination. They are similar (somewhat) in delivery and deadpan humor (Key is less wacky, but it's close). More interestingly to me, sillymagpie loaned me World's Largest Man, saying I'd enjoy it, and I was indeed enjoying it; I started it on the ship, where of course I was out of contact with everything. But when I got back to the mainland and once again jumped into Twitter, I discovered that I already followed Key, because HE had followed ME first. I occasionally attract other writers as followers, so hadn't even thought about it... but I'm beginning to feel like I'm keeping exalted company, and I need to get myself published somehow so I'm worthy of it.

I'm SO glad I took today off...
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