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I really ought to post more often

A real post, and not just my tweets.

I let tweets say a lot for me anymore. It's pathetic. But hey, a 140-character world, that's where I live.

It is currently a lovely New Year's Eve, 11:29 pm, counting down, with a lot of wine, food, and friends, with a lovely gift exchange (perfect), and general good feeling.

Someone down the block is firing off fireworks, which are nice; the traffic on the street, not so much.

Have I any resolutions? No, not really. I want things to be better: Eat better, exercise more, etc.; will I? Maybe.

Hard to say.

I made cookies:

I'm happy with them. (And they're yummy.) I'm sorry I didn't get them done before we sent out boxes.

I took off the bulk of this week - when they ask people what holidays they want to have off, I always ask for New Year's. Less competition and fewer conflicts. I've been home since Tuesday morning. Whee! And there's still a whole three-day weekend ahead.

Happy New Year, Y'all!
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