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Could it be a Trend?

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday - on Saturday afternoon I banged my elbow on the edge of the sink in the bathroom.

At first my brain processed this as “ouch, funny bone” and I hollered “ouch!” as one does, but almost instantly the brain continued to churn as "ordinary funny bone pain" started to escalate into a numbing torrent of fury that froze my entire arm and made my skin break out in a cold sweat as I whimpered helplessly. Barb came running, and got a cold compress for my face and ice for the elbow, and gradually I was able to move again. I sat a little dazed for a while with my elbow on ice until some amount of normalcy was restored, then I examined the elbow to find a gash and a little swelling. It still hurt to bend, so I kept with the ice for a while; after a half-hour or so we went out, but I was babying it for the rest of the day.

It hurt to move too much, but seemed to be recovering. I still felt a little “off” for most of the day.

Now it’s still sore, but naturally it’s barely noticeable. With this level of pain and inconvenience, I fully expected it to be hideously black-and-blue and swollen to twice its size. Really hurts deep inside, though.

Stupid bodies.

This t-shirt makes me think of evil_little_dog.

My wife says I don't need any more t-shirts. *sob*
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