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Long Time, No Postie

October started, and while the first few days were still trailing the heat of summer, we woke up to a cool morning on Friday and the temperatures staying in the 90's! Woot! I was finally able to turn off the air conditioning. And it even rained this morning! Finally, we come into the time of the year I actually like living here.

Yesterday we spent the morning cleaning up the Tiki Bar - we tore down the old one since it was rickety and badly water/sun damaged, with plans to rebuild a better one - and I went to take out my old beer crate (it's an Anheuser Busch crate my dad got when he worked there) and as I picked it up, several wasps crawled out of it. I threw it into the nearest deck chair with a scream of "Wasp nest!!!" We decamped quickly to wait for nightfall so we could bomb the suckers. Got THAT taken care of and finished cleaning it up this morning, even salvaged the crate. (I'll keep an eye on it through next summer.) We've been pretty sure there are wasps back there somewhere, but I thought sure they were building in the gap between our fence and the neighbor's wooden one.

Wasps are assholes.

Spending a little of this morning between ironing, cleaning the kitchen, and catching up on the VERY backed up DVR. I haven't had a lot of time to keep up with things, so I'm going through both new episodes of old shows, and checking out new.

We did not care for the new Muppets show. I guess I'll record a few more eps and see, but the first one was... decidedly lacking in the wacky goodness that made the Muppets great. And I agree with some reviewers who found Fozzi dating a human a trifle... weird. Some of it all just seemed out of character for a lot of them. Although hooray for Pepe the King Prawn.

Dr. Ken, despite Ken Jeong, is awful. Grandfathered is adorable (largely because of John Stamos, admittedly). This does mean, of course, with ABC, that the former will last forever and they'll cancel the one I like after three episodes.

Most of the series premieres of the old standbys I watch have been pretty average, some better than others. I'm just about to join everyone else who's had it with Bones, though (Yeah, it takes me that long; I do tend to hold on longer than some); I've about had it with the whole "Booth is gone renegade... OR HAS HE?" thing.

I actually like Limitless a lot, mostly because of the lead guy - he's great. After the second episode, though, I realized why I like it... it's Chuck, only done with a super drug instead of a super computer. He's a smart, likable guy who's slacking off, not working up to his potential, who gets thrown in the deep end of the pool by a past friend he's lost touch with who made good while he's been sliding along, and then he becomes a wild card FBI asset. With all sorts of "will-they/won't-they" vibes with his new handler/partner. Although SHE (Jennifer Carpenter) is just playing the same character she played in Dexter.

Doctor Who has been fantastic so far this season - better, I have to admit, than in a good while. The opening two-parter was every bit as good as my favorite season opener, Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. I may come to love this Doctor after all. (Although I'm a little dubious about the Sonic Sunglasses. It's harder to fans to rock that look, Doctor.) And Missy is the best incarnation of the Master since Delgado. Last night's episode was excellent.

Is Criminal Minds ever going to stop the rotating extra character? I really liked Blake, and she's gone - it took me a good while to get to used to Callahan, and when I was starting to warm up to her, now she appears to be gone, too. Otherwise, continues pretty strong, really.

Last week in our game my fighter character got wounded down to zero hit points, so I'm currently waiting to see if I recover. And even wrote a short story flashback for him as he lies there bleeding. Woot, writing!

Which I haven't done a lot of, lately - hence the lack of posts here. Tweets, yes, I'm sure anyone still reading my friends page has seen. (I spend WAY too much freaking time on Facebook, damn it. It's a tremendous time sink.)

The Disney Cruise mom's taking us on this month is a Halloween cruise. They ENCOURAGE costumes! So I'm working up my Steampunk costume to bring along - I have to find a box I can carry my hat in so it doesn't get crushed in the luggage. Of course, this also means I'll have to leave some things at home to make room for my boots. I'll wear the same pair of shorts all week, I suspect. There's a washing machine on board. We'll also be spending Halloween itself in Downtown Disney! While I'm really, really sad to not be at home for Halloween, this should be awesome in the extreme. I have to attach some gears to my new/old knapsack I got for my Steampunk adventuress. (And see if I can cobble up one of my old wide ties to be an ascot, or if I should try and find a real one.)

I never realized the Baltimore Ravens had gotten their name from Edgar Allan Poe. I liked them because I like Ravens (and therefore, cool merchandise), but this is definitely cool. The commentator I learned this tidbit from called them "The most Gothic team in the NFL."

We got the kitchen all dried and cleaned, and now we have to replace all the pieces that got pulled out (the baseboards and toe kicks), paint (we got a new color for the kitchen), and it's going to take some work, since the main wall of the kitchen comes into the living room, so we'll have to move the bookcase and hutch. The baseboard we have doesn't EXACTLY match our old ones, but should be a nice contrast to the rest. We determined that doing it ourselves would save us a great deal of money and means we don't have to come up with the 1K deductible to pay any contractors. I cleaned the grout myself with a vinegar solution and my sonic scrub brush. There is some water stain on the bottom edges of our kitchen island, which I'm not sure what we're going to do about, since we don't know how to take THAT apart. Maybe I can come up with some way of covering it. It's too slick, unfortunately, to tile (which I'd like to do).


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Oct. 4th, 2015 08:44 pm (UTC)
Wasps ARE assholes. Hope you get them all out of the crate and wherever else they've nested.

I'm still boggling at shutting of the a/c (It did get cooler than 90 right before that happened??) Though I did have to turn on the heater to keep this place at 65 on fri/sat because it had dropped to the 40s.

I didn't bother with Muppets but yeah no one I know likes it. I had the opposite reaction to Limitless than you, I have to admit. I tried to watch Criminal Minds but a coworker called and needed talked off the legend (though if I had just let her kill the two she was ranting about, work would be SO much nicer). I didn't even realize Blake was gone and then remembered the actress wanted off the show last year.

Hee, yep definitely where the Ravens got their name. I tried to stop at Poe's house @ 20 years ago but the area was SO bad my friend who was showing me around Baltimore wouldn't go there.

YAY to costumes on the cruise. Can't wait for those pictures. Have a great time. Go to Indy's bar in downtown Disney and have one for me.

I'm with you. So far this season of Dr. Who rocks. WAY better than last year. But yeah, I'm not at all happy with the sonic sunglasses. That's rather dumb and not very handy. Who wanders around with sunglasses on? Okay I guess they could be in a pocket just as well as a screwdriver but still. I love Missy.
Oct. 5th, 2015 03:46 am (UTC)
Got them out of the crate. I hope they don't go back (I'll keep an eye on it).

I turned it off at 97 outside or so. It's around 85 in the house now. This is good for us, but I know, I know... :)

Yeah, Blake left last year and was replaced with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and for some reason she's gone this year. Seriously, is working on that show THAT tough? The other half of the cast seems okay with having been there for 11 years.

I WILL have to get pictures! :) I finally found a good jacket for my outfit today at Goodwill - it's light enough to wear, too, which the military grade one I'd found before wouldn't be (not in the Bahamas).

If Dr. Who continues like this, I'll be happy with it!
Oct. 5th, 2015 03:50 am (UTC)
Good luck. I still have freaking ants pouring in (dead on arrival from all the poison) So I guess, soak it in poison?

Oh god. I'd be passed out in a corner probably drowning in my own sweat.

Oh yeah true. I nearly forgot her. She really left an impression on me... Yeah no kidding.

Huzzah. Looking forward to it.

you and me both. The glasses, however, need to go
Oct. 5th, 2015 11:23 pm (UTC)
We shall see. It's not the first wasp nest we've had around the place.

Low 80's today (but it was a bit too hot overnight, since it was overcast and kept the heat in).

I'm starting to wonder why they need to fill that slot, other than JJ keeps having kids and going on maternity leave. (I know, you don't like character development in your procedurals, but that's the reason I watch them!)

I like the way he LOOKS in the glasses, but he needs his sonic, too. It's a good reason for a new design, and let 11's retire, like they did with Ten's.
Oct. 6th, 2015 04:29 am (UTC)
Wasps are like that

It was 75 today. The A/C came back on.

I don't mind a LITTLE character development. Honestly I think the actresses wanted off but I'm not entirely sure that's something I read or something I made up in my head.

I will agree. The glasses look good. And there is a history of redesigning the screwdriver but throwing away decades of tradition for sunglasses seems unwise, Mr. Moffat.
Oct. 7th, 2015 04:24 am (UTC)
The air will go back on this weekend, when for some inexplicable reason it's going to be back in the upper 90's (damn it), but today it barely reached the low 70's. Lovely and rainy.

Well, considering Ten and Eleven used the Sonic approximately 500% more than all the other Doctors before them combined, it was probably time to retire it for a while... but not replace it.
Oct. 7th, 2015 04:25 am (UTC)
it's back to the 80s here too. But the 70s are just perfect weather

hmmm that's a fair point
Oct. 4th, 2015 11:06 pm (UTC)
review for Challenge #578, What If I Loved You?
LOL I'm left completely flummoxed by temperatures staying in the 90s meaning the AC can go off. But whatever. I guess it's all relative.

Oct. 5th, 2015 03:47 am (UTC)
Re: review for Challenge #578, What If I Loved You?
Phoenix: Where "It's cooled down to 95 degrees!" means something. :)

The daytime temps in the 90s, the overnights in the 70s, we're happy! (And yes, the AC is off now -- although it was temping to turn it on a little today.)

Oct. 5th, 2015 12:21 am (UTC)
Around here, 3 days in a row of 90 or more is officially a heatwave, LOL!

Your cruise sounds awesome. I can't wait for pictures.

And yes, wasps are assholes.
Oct. 5th, 2015 03:48 am (UTC)
Gee, why does everything think that? :D

I will get pictures!

Wasps ARE assholes.
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