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  • Sun, 13:56: He'll always be the King. https://t.co/0bA6HgOqTL
  • Sun, 15:01: Hotter Than Things Which Are Hot http://t.co/Cafmf89a88
  • Sun, 15:03: RT @ringostarrmusic: Peace and love thank you Rx😎✌️🌟💖🍏 http://t.co/tlbxasPPkI
  • Sun, 15:58: I would think most of my social media would have made it clear what side of the political fence I'm on...
  • Sun, 15:59: Which makes me wonder how the Weekly Standard showed up in my email box, featuring a line like this: "Whether we’re demystifying...
  • Sun, 15:59: “Hillary speak”, exposing Obama’s foe-pleasing diplomatic efforts,..."
  • Sun, 15:59: "... or outing the inconvenient truths that unmoor us from long-held American values, we showcase conservative ideas..." (Seriously??!)
  • Sun, 16:00: "...and the crafting of practical, right-thinking solutions that can be enacted before our nation is counted down and out."
  • Sun, 16:00: I do like they called our side "inconvenient truths." Yes, the truth hurts, don't it.
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