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Hotter Than Things Which Are Hot

It was 117 degrees yesterday. It's a mere 107 now, although it's early yet. It feels horrid out there. I'm happy to be inside right now.

And we thought we had it rough when wasps built their nest under our rosebush:

I can't believe it's been 38 years today since Elvis died. It was a very formidable day to my young self.

Some links I took an interest in:

A new species of wolf! It looks very coyote-like to me.

Beautiful pictures and a GREAT story!

Also a terrific story. I first heard it on NPR from Nina Totenberg herself.

Cox is screwing me around again. I really, really, REALLY don't want to change my email address, and from online reviews, CenturyLink is JUST as bad, but OMG, this is the fourth time I've lost all my channels, and I'm sick to death of it. I could save a lot of money just dropping cable completely and living with streaming services and basic television. (Yeah, I'd have to wait on BBCA shows, but at the price Cox is charging me for apparently NOTHING, I think I'd be willing.)

Spent all day yesterday selling stuff at Barb's mom's place - did a fair business. I got talked into selling my old stereo for only five bucks - I had it marked ten, for heaven's sake, wasn't that cheap enough? But hey, it was either that or take it to Goodwill. No one buys those things anymore, and the turntable needed adjusting (one of the reasons I was getting rid of it - that and the big speakers taking up so much space).

So today is just a basic lay around day. Did some laundry and some grocery shopping (we needed eggs and milk), got all the laundry hung out (GODS, it's hot), and I'm finally starting to cool down now after watching some stuff on PBS (another sure sign I'm getting old) and back to binge-watching Agents of SHEILD. About halfway through S2 now. I suppose I need to watch all of Agent Carter, too. Sneaky of them to wrap all the storylines together this way.
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