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August Has Begun

I had written a post, then my FireFox froze and I had to restore, and lost my so-called "saved draft."

In any case, it boiled down to "it's FREAKING HOT," and I had a small bout of heat stroke this morning (easily taken care of with water and laying down in front of a fan for a while). But we kept on going, running out to pick up the shed Barb bought and bringing it home (we had to rent a truck at Home Depot to get it home - this was why we tried to keep a truck, although one can say that a one-hour rental for $20 was much better than a delivery charge of $100), unloading it, and then going back to Barb's Mom's place to continue packing cookbooks. We packed up more than 30 boxes and there's still cookbooks on the shelves. I need to get more boxes home from work - I already depleted our store, but we'll see if I can get some more.

The candles in the Room Where Christmas Went to Die melted in the heat. Beautiful hand-made candles from Italy, now so much junk. *sigh* At least I rescued one of them and brought it home to cooler air conditioning (we had turned up the air in the old place, since no one's using it - and the room we set aside for the Christmas stuff was the old carport, and doesn't have a direct vent of its own).

Had my physical this week, and all readings came back 100% perfect - blood levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, all good. Everything good except my weight, which is giving me grief. I may have to give up sugar, but that's the one thing left I HAVEN'T given up from all the lists of "things you should never eat." :P

And yet, I get heat stroke at the drop of a hat and I'm freaking exhausted. Go figure.

Sleep now.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 07:38 am (UTC)
Heat exhaustion--heat stroke is much worse. (I've had to edit a lot of accident prevention plans with heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat cramps info). The most obvious difference is that with heat exhaustion you tend to have sweating and clammy skin, but with heat stroke it's dry and hot. If you have actual heat stroke you should go to the doctor! Heat-Related Illness

I love your description of work vs. Barb's comment at dinner that she "didn't do anything." Yikes!
Aug. 3rd, 2015 01:24 am (UTC)
Whichever it is, I get lightheaded and have to lie down in the cool. Not as bad as the time I had to get into a cool bath until I felt human again, but still.

Nope, we didn't do much. :)

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