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Easter Sunday

A Happy Easter to all who observe, and to the rest, a very Happy Spring. This week David Brooks, a conservative columnist, wrote something that was almost perfectly reflected in the sermon delivered by the very liberal, openly gay pastor of the First Congregational Church I attended this morning, to wit, "if we are Christian, why should we fear death when we believe in Transcendance?" Good question.

Why are the Fundies going on and on and on and on about "conserving life" when life as we know it is, by all the words of Christ, just a temporary step on the road of Life Everlasting? Why conserve a "life" such as Ms. Schiavo was suffering through when she could have spent the last 15 years in Paradise? Interesting question for Christians. Is "life" such as that preferable to life promised by Christ, at the Right Hand of the Father?

I am rather a little toasted, as I drank a great deal of wine with our lovely Easter dinner at the in-laws' place. If sister-in-law and her husband move to Oregon, it's highly likely it could have been the last such dinner. As such, it was a very pleasant one, with excellent food, good conversation, and, as stated, good wine.

This afternoon I found the Family Channel showing a broadcast of the 1995 movie "A Little Princess," which, although much more faithful to the book than the Shirley Temple version, still screws up the story mightily. I don't know why they have to re-write the story when it was so danged good the way it was. Thus I remain hopeful for the upcoming "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I heard Gene Wilder on NPR the other day, saying that if anyone else was going to play Willie Wonka, he was glad it was Johnny Depp. Still, he stressed, it's NOT a remake, but more another version, based more closely on the original book. But no one yet has made a version of "A Little Princess" that even comes close to the perfection of the story in the book, and I don't understand why movie-makers feel the need to re-write classic literature. If they want an original story, WRITE ONE.


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Mar. 29th, 2005 04:46 am (UTC)
Which id why Roald Daul didn't like the Gene Wilder version; he wouldn't even release right to The Great Glass Elevator after it came out...
Mar. 29th, 2005 01:10 pm (UTC)
I can see that. I think one of the problems is the movie has become a "classic," and a lot of people don't even know about the book (like Diane Rehm didn't, surprisingly enough). :( I can just hope for the best with this new movie -- I SO want it to be good, but Burton's scared me with the last few releases...!
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