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The main reason I haven't quit Cox Cable already is because I really, really don't want to change my email address.

I was poking around looking at various streaming services; I already have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu; none of them stream BBCA shows immediately (not even Hulu, although that's the closest), so I looked at Amazon Fire and Google's Chromecast -- both have interesting possibilities, but they're largely for the streaming, and I have Tivo for that. Nothing gets cable stations but cable (or dish). Centurylink, which is the only real alternative to Cox in the Valley, gets reviews just about as bad as Cox's are on Yelp. And I don't want Direct TV.

I've tried a string of emails, but the customer "service" guy who is responding apparently has a completely inability to read the email string to see what the problem is - he offered me a service tech on Sunday, so I was dutifully at home waiting, and no one showed up. Then I got an email saying that was no longer available (well, DUH), and could I be here today between 3 pm and 5 pm? SURE, I said, responding immediately. Please, yes! Then I get an email saying their system is down, do I want a service call? YES, READ THE EMAIL STRING. It's ALL IN THERE. "Thank you for your email. We apologize for the inconvenience. There will be a service technician available on 6/15..." WHAT THE HOLY FUCK?!?! I said I could be here TODAY.

I don't know whether to just be frustrated or furious or resigned. But I don't want to pay $200 a month for this BS.

I think I might TRY calling again today.

Today I finished my re-read. Less than two weeks, which means I can finish long books in less than a month still, if I really put my mind to it. (I've been reading "The Last Confederate Widow Tells All" for about a year now.)

I have to put my thoughts down on paper so this time I don't forget. It seems that although this was the third time I've read this book, I completely and totally forgot everything that happened after the Darkness came. Seriously, it's as though John Uskglass himself came and took my memories away so that when I got to the second part of Book Three, it was as though I were reading it all anew.

I remembered all of Book One; I remembered nearly every moment of Book Two. I remembered my joys and my woes, my sorrows and my delights, I remembered all the characters and where they ended and where they started, and I remembered the little confusions I had from the first reading (it was somewhere in Book Two that The Raven King got his Common name and Childermass suddenly acquired a first name) -- but after Strange's madness..... nothing.

I remembered finishing it the second time. I was in Las Vegas with Mom. I can even narrow down the year (thanks to a receipt from 2009 that I'd tucked into the pages) of the second read (the first read was in 2005; I received my copy for Christmas 2004 - it's a first edition), it was 2009. But I do not remember anything that happened past the Darkness and the Enchantment of Strange.

This time I slowly walked my way through Book Three, trying to savor every moment and track every twist and turning of the King's Roads as I walked, delighting in the arrival of Strange in Yorkshire, the certain, horrible and much deserved fate of Lascelles, the rescue of Lady Pole, the Gentleman's meeting of Vinculus and his careless murder of same, Stephen's emergence as the actual Nameless Slave and Future King (with the unwitting assistance of Strange and Norrell), the return of the Raven King, the restoration of Vinculus and the re-writing of The Book, Childermass being touched by the King, the defeat of the Gentleman with Thistle-Down Hair, Stephen's abandonment of England and ascension to his Faerie throne, the return of Arabella and the disappearance of the Magicians, and lastly, oh! the scene I had wanted all along, the reunion of Arabella and Strange -- "Don't wear black. Don't be a widow. Be happy. I'll come back." "And I'll be waiting."


Just as many other reviewers have stated (among them Neil Gaiman), "I finished 782 pages, and could easily read 782 more."

I definitely loved it so much the first time I read it that my first laptop (my old one, now) was named Jonathan Strange. He still holds all my music files.

I ordered Susanna Clarke's book of short stories, but it's coming from England and won't be here until July 2.

In the meantime, I'm ready for the show. Provided, of course, COX FIXES MY CABLE and I can get my BBCA. I can watch it on YouTube, at least, Episode One is up, but.... *frown*

I was so busy doing this and working on dinner I actually forgot to call this afternoon. It's almost 6 already. What happened to today?

And now it's another two hours later because I closed my laptop without posting this. Sheesh.

Everyone have a good, non-distracted night.
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