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Following the leader

As rahirah leads, I follow. :)

1) Take a screencap of your desktop
2) To cap a desktop:
For PC: Press "Print Screen" (prt sc) button
For Macs: Shift+Apple+3
3) Open your graphics program-o-choice (and open a new file)
4) Press CTRL + V or go to "edit & paste"
5) Save image as a JPEG (you may have to flatten it first if your graphics program pastes in layers)
6) Upload the screen cap to your image server.
7) Reply to this entry with A LINK TO your screencap. Along with any explanations you feel are necessary.
8) Post your cap in YOUR LJ along with these instructions

Another fast day today. Last night I stumbled to the bathroom as I do in the night, and I brushed my knee against the cedar chest. At least, I thought I brushed it. By the time I got back to bed, my knee was throbbing, and today I have a huge black bruise that's all swollen, too. Either being half asleep when banging one's knee makes the event less painful, or it really is true that bruises only show on minor injuries.

If Terry Schiavo's parents don't trust science when doctors tell them their daughter is in a vegetative state, then why are they trusting to science to keep her alive, and not God?

I don't think I'd want to live if I literally could do nothing at all -- read, mostly. If I were confined to a wheelchair, I could manage; if I went blind I'd learn Braille, if I were suddenly deafened, I'd deal. But if I couldn't read at all, or do anything that makes life LIFE, well, I can't see that it is much of a life. My father was severely brain-damaged in a car accident and, although he was making terrific progress and had a fine prognosis, he determined for himself that by the time he did recover fully, if ever, he would be in his mid-70's or older; he determined he wasn't happy not doing what made his life worth living, so he ended it himself. I don't know that I agree with him now, although I tried to understand then; but still, he made that choice himself, and no one made it for him.

Whatever people think of Michael Schiavo's motives, the fact remains he could have left long ago. I don't think he stands to gain anything from this, other than the knowledge he's done what his wife wanted, and let her rest in peace. After 15 years of medical care there can't possibly be any money left, and he stands to gain nothing at all from this stance. I feel for her parents, but honestly--if they don't trust science, then what do they think is keeping her alive? The "moral right" is going on and on about preserving human life, but they're the ones who deny science whenever it goes against their wishes--why do they so tightly embrace it now? "God's will," right?

I know I have the bad habit of believing the last thing I hear, and I've read both sides on this, and it taxes me as both a believer in science and in God. When there are so many people dying every day in so many preventable ways, to have the focus shifted like this to a woman who's been effectively kept alive artifically for 15 years... well, {sigh}. It's so much more than a "right to life/death" issue. If it weren't for the advancements in science, God would have called the poor woman home years ago.

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