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Wow, two updates in one day

Today was a very fast day. I got to work and then suddenly it was lunchtime. The only part of the day that went slowly was that last hour from 2:15 to 3:15, although I remained quite busy to the end. Whew!

I have not lost any more weight. This isn't too bad, as I also haven't gained any (much), still hanging in there at around 165. It's frustrating in that I really only need to lose about 30 more pounds -- on the other hand, I know it's my own fault, since the way I've been shoveling food down my neck lately, I'm lucky I haven't gained it all back. However, if I could lose just ten more pounds, I will have officially lost 100 pounds in the last decade, showing a very slow, but steady decline.

This morning I opted to stop for gas, and I'm glad now I did, since the place I bought from went up two cents since this morning. If it now costs me nearly $40 to put about 18 gallons in the tank, I wonder what it'll run if I actually let my tank run dry... Now, bear in mind, I did not buy my Suburban when SUVs became cool. I've been driving her since 1994.

This morning I steeled myself and called the accountant to make an appointment. A simple task that I'm sure ordinary people do every day. By the end, I was all shaky and sweaty. This is why I don't like making phone calls. Now hopefully I won't get too nervous about actually making the appointment. Sheesh.

I went to the QPBC website to pay my bill, which is around $32 bucks according to my last invoice. At the website, I found they were asking me for over $60. So I sent an email asking what the double charge was for. They still haven't responded. I suppose I'll have to go the old-fashioned route and send a check, since I'm not paying for anything I don't have.

And I don't want to hear about me being cold. I am, and that's all there is to it. Yes, I know it's technically warm outside, especially for the bulk of the country. {sigh}
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