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Odd Coincidences

I've been writing some little stories with Justin (one of Matt & Cody's boys), who recently told me he's gay. I thought, okay, maybe as he grows up I might be able to write one of those YA stories that sell so well for cornerofmadness. Anyway, shortly thereafter his first boyfriend introduced himself to me: a were-fox by the name of Rene Lestrange. I had no stories yet, just some scenes in my head and a good mental idea of what Rene looked like, when I got a daily J-List Newsletter, where they were talking about the anime Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, where they had a picture of the character Mikoto Mikashiba (Mikorin), and Justin sat up in my head and said, "That's him! That's Rene!" I had to admit, he's right. That's exactly how I pictured Rene.

So now I've been watching the anime. It's adorable. Character is TOTALLY different from Rene, but that's sure what he looks like.

Now if I can just actually write something some time other than in November. I seem to be able to write for a few hours every six weeks (when I go over the comments from the readers in my writers' group) - I know, there's just too many writers who would say I'm not a writer anymore, 'cause I ain't writing! My brain is, but it's sure not getting to the paper (screen). I haven't even been able to finish a River/Eleven tidbit I've been working on, much less finishing the NaNo which did me so well in November into December.

Enjoy a proper cat house:

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