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I am in the dark

When it comes to some of the things I read in my friends' LJs.

The Yankees whose numbers have been retired (and correlate to Hurley's winning numbers): 4 - Lou Gehrig; 8 - Bill Dickey; 15 - Thurmon Munson; 16 - Whitey Ford; 23 - Don Mattingly; 42 - Jackie Robinson. Number retired throughout baseball in 1997. (For a deeper look into the numbers, check out here)

Interesting about #42. That number does seem to keep coming up as Something Important. Maybe the mice had it right.

Sadly, all I know about Don Mattingly is he was one of Mr. Burns' ringers in "Homer at the Bat." Yes, The Simpsons looms ever-present in my sad, TV-saturated brain.

Today my father would have been 83 years old.
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