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  • Sun, 15:21: Watching this week's #SelfieABC -- ABC, you suck for cancelling this. Cho and @karengillan are a delight, and deserve more.
  • Sun, 15:27: I'm really gonna miss this show: TVLine's Performer of the Week: Selfie's Karen�Gillan http://t.co/iBzzlXSwmy via @TVLine
  • Sun, 17:50: OMG, YAY!!! It's going to be 45F tomorrow morning! I can wear a COAT! #PhoenixWeather
  • Sun, 18:46: Watching 60 Minutes - I remember anew why I love Mandy Patinkin so much (he was the first online fan group I belonged to - alt. group!)
  • Sun, 18:53: I wish Mandy Patinkin could make peace with the folks at Criminal Minds & have Gabe come back just so he and Reid could have that long talk.
  • Sun, 19:51: No, no, NO, Emma, you don't say "take my powers away," you say "help me CONTROL THEM." #OUAT
  • Sun, 20:08: I just love the way Regina has developed. "Heroes always win." #OUAT
  • Sun, 20:26: Go for it, Regina! Grab happiness and goodness by BOTH HANDS! #OUAT
  • Sun, 21:01: A MONTH?!?! I have to wait a WHOLE MONTH before the next #OUAT !?!?!?!?
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