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Cranky, in pain, and annoyed

Only 7,040 words so far.

I have had a low-grade sinus headache for two days, and suddenly this evening it's turned into a major pounding front-of-the-head ache. It got bad enough today that I said the hell with "no other pain killers" while on this diclofenac and took some Advil.

Yesterday the massage therapist beat hell out this arm and it felt better until last night -- tonight it hurts so much I feel like crying. I'll have to see the doc again.

I voted yesterday, for all the good it did. Idiot kids. They wonder why the old white guys stay in charge? Pheh.

Damned cats had better let me sleep tonight.

I'm going to HAVE to take something for this head.
Tags: pain, politics, writing
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