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I just can't HELP but join NaNo every year. I barely have an idea. But I do have almost 700 words.... *sigh*

Early guesses on the identity of "Missy" were right. I'd have won money if I'd bet on it. I really enjoyed last night's episode. This season has been uneven, but he's finally the Doctor for me, which I am very pleased of -- and I'm looking forward to the second part to see where this goes. (Of course, listening to the Doctor talk about paradox... haven't we already met a descendant of Clara & Danny? Mmmmmmmm????)

Wearing my Steampunk costume on Friday reminded me how much I liked men's pants -- comfortable with ROOMY POCKETS, which for some reason women's pants completely lack. I haven't worn 'em since I lost the weight, but really, I might have to go back. (Men's clothes are also more consistent -- if you get a 34, it's a 34 no matter who made it.)

At least it means I finally uploaded the pictures I took in Vegas with my big camera. I uploaded everything off the phone already. (I understand why people with smart phones hardly use anything else, even if I tend to mostly use it as a Gameboy...)

Yesterday I made this -- HIGHLY recommended.

Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today!

Laundry is done, kitchen is mostly clean, I should vacuum. But I'll go back to Nanoing...
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