Kats (wildrider) wrote,

When thoughts collide

I had a lot of things I wanted to say this morning and I'd planned on a thoughtful, eloquent journal entry, but then our supervisor called a unit meeting, and during said meeting he sort of bawled everyone out -- sort of. He said how disappointed he was that "some of you" had failed abysmally at following directions concerning last week's Corporate survey project, and how "several people were bitching" about others and he really wanted to see us work together as a team rather than griping and complaining constantly about each other, and I was left sitting there thinking, "Was it me? Did I do it wrong?" He said he'd speak to those responsible individually and he wasn't going to name names, but he gave it as a whole because he wants the whole "team" thing.

Now, there's really no reason I should be feeling on the spot. I KNOW I do a good job, and he didn't come and speak to me individually after the meeting. Still, when confronted by conflicts, I get all weird and butterfly-ish in the tummy, and I know some people used to complain about me for reasons I've never comprehended. I just thought "some people" boiled down to Jennifer, and she's gone. Plus the fact that I was able to talk to Dan candidly about my old concerns and how I do very much take pride in my job, and he gave me a project for the month and comes to me every morning to find out the status of things, so it probably isn't me on the grill, but Lord, I must have a guilty conscience about something, 'cause I always feel like a bug pinned on a board when these things happen. I'll probably steam and fret about it until I hear something, because I do that. I don't understand what people are complaining about, either. But then, I can't figure out why or how it is that we have SUCH low production numbers (our sister office in Greeley, CO., did a 100% production in January; our {cough} 30-some% dragged the Zone's overall production down to like 64%). Considering my OWN numbers, some of the highest in the entire Corporation, it sometimes makes me wonder if anything else is being done (I know it is, I don't do it all). While I enjoy my job, there are times I think a well-trained chimp could do it and I know I could probably handle something a lot more challenging, but I like having a job where I can work, produce, and then leave it at the office (mostly). When I'm talking to friends I usually think of myself as about average intelligent, but at work I feel like a frickin' Rhodes Scholar.

ANYWAY... if people are complaining about me it's probably because I am an intellect snob at times and I have a terrible lack of patience with people who ask the same questions over and over and over and over again... {sigh} Now time to let it all go. Take a deep breath... ah. Relax. And then I forgot everything I was actually going to talk about in my journal.

It's raining. A lot. Apparently it made national news, how Arizona is "bracing for the storm," so much so that my Mom called last night to make sure we were okay. I laughed and told her it was all these danged newcomers to the State who don't remember that this is what a NORMAL January is supposed to be like. It's just been about ten years since we had a normal January, so none of them have any idea how to deal with it, including how NOT to drive through flooded washes; how NOT to build your house on the creek or wash edge; or, most of all, how to drive, period. It took me almost a half-hour to drive from 7th Street & Thomas to Indian School & 28th (and for those who don't know, that's about four miles).
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