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Dizzy in the Head

I went to work today and made it through, but I feel wrung out as an old washcloth.

My muzzy head was made very happy, however, by the lovely little 12 prose by ljs -- she turned off comments so I had to post here to tell her how wonderful the ficlet was. Gave me FEELS. The good kind.

I need to work on my own 11/River fic for spook_me - I have a good start and I know where I'm going, but I need to get over that bridge to there. My writing has been SUFFERING for nearly a year now... I can't call it "writer's block" because there's simply nothing there. It used to be so easy to put words on paper, and now I just sit there and muddle.

I shall take some more drugs now. And check on the rice.

Happy Monday!
Tags: doctor who, sick, writing
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