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Minor rant and headaches

I have had a headache for two days. Nothing seems to get rid of it; sometimes it's less painful than other times, but on the whole, anything I've tried has not worked (this includes decongestant and/or antihistamine with Advil & Dayquil). It's making my neck and shoulders very tense.

Yesterday I listened to the first half of Here and Now on NPR, and was seething with irritation by the time my lunch break came and I turned the radio off. Now, it may very well be that in the second half of the show they had on people to rebutt the narrow-minded bigots who were speaking the first half, but all I heard was the anti-gay hatred spewing from the religious right (I will not call them "Christian") as they complained about DUHbya "dropping the ball" when it comes to the anti-gay amendment to the Constitution, which has been pushed to the back burner in favor of the far "less popular" Social Security reforms. Hmmm.

Some part of me wonders if some wise person on Bush's staff hasn't told him he really doesn't want to go down in history as the president who wrote bigotry and curtailed civil rights into the US Constitution. I wonder this because in ten, twenty years or so (hopefully) this whole kerfluffle is going to sound a LOT like "slavery is okay per the Lord," Manifest Destiny, and "segregation now."

I still have a headache and "LOST" is still in re-runs. {SIGH} At least I managed to record the widely-admired documentary on "Pompeii" when they re-broadcast it last night.

Oh, but Happy Groundhog Day, anyway. Say, isn't the first day of Spring (March 21) ALWAYS about six weeks from February 2?
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