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Peering Out

I hate the late shift for many reasons, but when we're working heavy overtime, as we have for the last month or more, it's even worse -- I tend to leave the house around 6 or 7, and I don't get back home until at least 6:30, and try to get to bed around the same time as usual (no later than 10), leaves me with barely enough time for a quick walk, dinner, and hastily read through some journal entries if I manage to get to the computer at all.

So today I'm just not going in early, dang it. I feel like I'm coming down with something anyway, and rest is good.

I spent Saturday putting a lining in the Doctor Eleven replica brown coat I got (it was the less expensive one, of course, and got even cheaper on eBay) -- but a coat with no pockets, for the Doctor? Not to be borne. So I got some fabric and made the front pockets real, at least. I'll think about putting in some interior pockets, as well. (What I REALLY want is this...)

Of course, with all the work there's really nothing much to talk about here. I have joined spook_me, and have actually started a story, so there's that much. I have a beginning and an ending, now I need all the adventure and scares for the middle...

I almost wish I could call in sick, but if I do, I'll lose that overtime (it becomes straight time if you use PSL the same week).
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