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It Was A Long Week

Late shift and training class, kept me busy but somehow every day seemed horribly long (although the evenings very short). I expect I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow morning -- maybe all the way until 7 or even 7:30.

We could put Churro in this video. He loves to shove shit off things.

So very tired.

I had a strange dream this morning with a journey to an alternate dimension through a broken window and a cuddly ferret; I vaguely remember bits and pieces. I don't remember who I was, or why so many people from my work seemed to populate this world, but as I woke and clung to the pieces, I found my "magic" coming back, and knew it was an adventure that happened to Justin O'Connor (the youngest boy of Matt and Cody O'Connor). I just need to fill in the plot. I may let it simmer and use it for NaNo this year.
Tags: cats, dreams, videos, writing
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