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Are You Awake?

Title is caption for the icon. This is my usual morning. If the questioning doesn't work, jumping on the bureau to knock things off might get results. Or a newly-discovered skill, YOWLING.

I do love my cats...

I finally got one:
Adopt one today!


Lazy day. We got up and took the dog to the park, bought milk, went to Costco, but mostly just lazing around. There's really not much else anyone wants to do this time of year in Phoenix - it's too hot to do much outside (although I was out checking the sprinkler and I could smell someone outside grilling!); I am virtually useless when it's hot like this. There's a lot I WANT to do, and when I'm inside in the cool I think, "I shall do this thing!" but when I walk outside, I no longer have that ambition.

I did fill up the birdfeeders and, as mentioned, am watering the lawn. Read several chapters. Yep, Bad Things are happening.
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