Kats (wildrider) wrote,

Boy, take a few days out...

Looks like I missed LJ being down. The "little cold" I was feeling in the back of my head on Friday blossomed into a full-blown SOMETHING and laid me out flat for the last four days. Irritatingly, it never completely manifested like a normal cold, with normal symptoms-- I was a little stuffy, with sinus pressure, and slightly dizzy and lightheaded. I had a weird, disconnected feeling, much the same way I feel when I'm just about well and truly drunk off my ass, however, there were no pleasant getting drunk associations. I simply had the same delayed reaction time, blurry sight, and balance problems. I felt sincerely that I was probably a hazard on the road Monday morning, but I went to work anyway, after spending two days mostly sleeping (either in bed or in my chair in front of the TV), then came home to return to chair & afghan. Today I feel more human again, although the joy of actually feeling normal may have made me go a little too fast here this afternoon, and after flitting about the house DOING THINGS, I now feel that draggy feeling coming back. Better slow it down.

Now, when I said "only one person" asked to read the book, I meant since the actual announcement of its being finished. It's been some months since I last asked, and folks could have changed their minds. Besides, I knew sillymagpie and rahirah are willing, although they're mean to my poor widdle romance book. (grin) In any case, if you're not one of those two and you are interested, let me know what format and I'll forward a copy to you.

It occurred to me a while back that it's very odd to write a journal with the knowledge aforehand that it's going to be read by random people...
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