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  • Sat, 15:37: Why are the figs fresh and delicious off the tree when making jam is SO FREAKING HOT? #Only104Today
  • Sat, 15:38: RT @wilw: Now THIS is how you cosplay Batman villains. http://t.co/1a1o03qo1t
  • Sat, 15:39: How do I get sucked into these silly, sentimental ABC Family movies?
  • Sat, 18:28: There are so many teams wearing red now; I wish the Dbacks had kept our purple-and-teal. It was DISTINCTIVE.
  • Sat, 19:56: RT @gurmpycatz: Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.
  • Sat, 20:27: There are no mountains there.... I got Connecticut - Where Should You Retire? http://t.co/kI3yk6rzkC via @quizsocial
  • Sat, 21:48: RT @mikedepetris: [creating cats] god: make them love fish "Ok God you got it" god: but make them HATE water "omg u are a monst--" god…
  • Sat, 21:51: RT @LearnSomethlng: A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud's Monkey Forest in Bali http://t.co/zBL2Yzw9Er
  • Sat, 23:04: Wow! There I am at the kitchen window happily doing dishes, and the sky is split in two by lightning! Eek!
  • Sat, 23:26: So, did Stephen King come up with "Under the Dome" after watching "The Simpsons Movie"?
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