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Nearly the end

Overall, 2004 was not a good year.

I had some good things happen, of course. There were some really awesome albums (Dreamland by Dale Watson, prime example); I settled with Citibank and that took care of THAT debt; I'm actually getting some reading done; I almost made my deadline to finish a novel I WILL send to a publisher (I really need to work on that). But globally, not so good.

I probably could come up with some eloquent thing or two to say about the tragedies in Asia, but others have said it better. I was sputtering with indignation over America's stinginess, and "this administration's" fumble with an initial pledge of $15 million upped to a big $35 million. (sigh) I used to really love my country. Flag-wavin' Yankee Doodle. The last four years have done damage I'm beginning to feel is irrevocable.

Anyway, I hope to ring in the New Year with some level of optimism. And I AM almost done with the book. This time for sure.

Yesterday my accomplishments included:

1) Finished the kitchen, vacuumed the rug.

2) Made lime curd and accompanying macaroons to use the egg whites.

3) Wrote some more.

4) Read 7 chapters of "Huckleberry Finn."

5) Could not bring in the laundry because yesterday's rain made Tuesday's rain look like a sunny day.

6) Made the turkey brine, which I shall now dunk the turkey into to marinate until tomorrow.
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