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Okay, it wasn't supposed to start raining HERE until tomorrow. Wednesday, not Tuesday. It was especially not supposed to start POURING while I was outside doing stuff. It could have waited for me to finish so I could come inside and do stuff. So now the laundry is MOSTLY done, wet and on the line or wet and in the washer, not hung up. (heavy sigh)

Things I did today thus far:

1) Cleaned refrigerator and removed many things of dubious, moldy, or smelly descent, made room to thaw turkey.

2) Hung up the first load of colors, put in the whites. Realized we were out of laundry soap and put it on the list.

2) Went to Costco and actually spent pretty much EXACTLY what I'd budgeted, and managed to get a few extra things, like X-Men 1.5, on sale for $12.99 PLUS a $5 off coupon (so now I have both movies, since I got 2 "previously viewed" at Blockbuster for $10), as well as the laundry soap.

3) Went to Basha's and spent a little more than expected, but also got a few extra things, like two sets of running lights which were marked down 75% (to $2.50 a strand). Then went to Sprout's for produce, which (sorry, Basha's) was cheaper and much better looking than at Basha's -- yams at Basha's were small and 99 cents a pound; at Sprouts they were huge (I got one that is, literally, nearly as big as my head) and 2 lbs for $1. Potatoes were larger and cheaper, and limes were larger and cheaper.

4) Came home and unloaded, vacuumed the living room, swept the kitchen, took out the garbage. Hung up the whites.

5) Dug out the leaf blower to clean the driveway and front porch, doing my part for the environment (electric, and better than the hose for water conservation), as well as saving my shoulder the pain of that much sweeping.

6) Got tired of looking at the back yard and mowed. That's when it started raining. Managed to at least get the grass flat, but now I'm soaked. Came in and stripped off wet clothes. Will not hang up final load of whites until the rain stops.

So far, so good. Now the dishes.
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