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I Haven't Been Around Much

This morning it seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong. Part of it was my own cranky attitude, but each new DAMN IT moment just seemed to magnify until I was ready to start screaming at everything, starting with AGAIN waking up an hour or so before the alarm and then lying there awake until it actually went off and being too tired to get up, then never being able to get back to sleep ANYWAY, so I should have gotten up and then I get mad at myself for not getting up, and so on and so forth.

Deep breaths.

How dare other people be on MY road when I wish to drive on it?

I don’t know where my time is going lately. I barely seem to have any of it to do anything, and yet I still seem to waste a great deal, possibly because I often feel so brain dead at night, that matching tiles in Microsoft Mah-Jong seems like the only thing I can do (at least it requires some amount of brain power).

I haven’t been able to write anything in months, even when I open a file and make suggested edits, I don’t do much else. (Including Journal entries, apparently.) The post-NaNo slump continues.

Last night we went to see The Winter Soldier.

I really liked it. I like seeing Cap in his own movies; we finally watched The First Avenger a couple weeks ago, and now this – I think Chris Evans does a great job of playing a guy who is genuinely nice without making him into a campy joke, as so many seem inclined to do (even Chris Reeves was guilty of this, good as he was). I now understand why Tony Stark rubbed him the wrong way, and why he was so stiff in The Avengers.

In any case, Winter Soldier is pretty awesome – quite apart from the usual flashy effects, there’s a good, tight story which weaves in and out of the main Avengers storyline, there is some awesome character development for both Black Widow (Natasha) and Nick Fury (Jackson bats this one out of the park), and I love love love Falcon. (Although "the Winter Soldier" himself is almost an afterthought -- but well-handled.)

I think I also liked it a great deal because it’s dealing with a modern theme and something that’s been bugging me for years, about Americans trading liberty and freedom for “safety and security,” something which has been warned about since the beginning – those who scream “Keep Americans safe!!!” seem very happy to always be wrapping themselves in the Constitution and pretending they have a secret channel to the past and know everything the Founding Fathers thought and felt, but they ignore most of what said Founding Fathers (notably Ben Franklin) actually SAID and WROTE. Captain America remembers what “freedom isn’t free” actually MEANS, and it’s not more surveillance and bigger guns.

But it all makes sense if Hydra has been behind all of it.

And yes, there’re cookies – stay through the credits, of course.

I never thought this week would end.

It's finally, finally Friday evening.
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