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May Your Days Be Merry And Bright

I hope everyone is having a fine Christmas Eve. Spent the day quietly shopping (this is the only time of year when I actually like crowds, for some reason), had a late lunch, and then cleaned the kitchen. I think I'll bake that pecan pie tonight, provided I can stand to stand some more here later this evening.

I talked my lovely S.O. into actually splurging and spending her bonus on herself, and forced her to buy a lovely 5.0mp digital camera for herself that she was dickering about in CostCo. As I said to her, now money-wise we're no worse off than we were before the bonus came, but now we have a digital camera. :) I will be going back to spend my Christmas money there next week, because I need to get the Extended Edition of Return of the King, plus I saw that The Simpsons Season 5 is now out (these will be my presents from my Uncle Bob and Aunt Carole, who send me a check every year). Whoo hoo!

While I was chopping fresh parsley in the kitchen, two of my vampires began to discuss theology in my head. I was humming "What if God Were One Of Us?" because there was an ad for Joan of Arcadia playing on TV that used that song, and Amok and Sean Patrick started to talk.

Amok: Obviously, the second coming has already happened. He saw what's being done, what has been done, in his name, was no doubt treated like a crazy fool by people who call themselves "Christian" but never lend a hand to help anyone, and he left.
Sean Patrick: And the righteous?
Amok: What righteous? I'm sorry, my friend, Jesus has come again and gone, and he didn't find anyone to take with him.
Sean Patrick: So there was a rapture, but no one was rapt enough?
Amok: Damn straight. Let's face facts, Sean Patrick, there's not a single person on this Earth who really falls into that category. Except maybe guys like the Dalai Lama, and I'm sure if Jesus sat down with him, he'd say he's not a believer, but thanks, anyway. Come to think of it, the Dalai Lama and Jesus would probably get along famously. Maybe the Dalai Lama is Jesus. (Pauses to break off a piece of the chocolate bar Sean Patrick is eating.)

There was more, but I can't remember it word-for-word. There was some discussion about Diet Coke with Lime, though. (Amok is a chef; they talk a lot when I'm working in the kitchen. Doesn't everyone have characters chat in their heads?)

Merry Christmas! God (or whoever you believe in) bless us, every one. :)
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