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Tense shoulders, today is Thursday/Friday

I am wearing a Thermal Wrap on my shoulders in an attempt to prevent the very tight muscle tension I had last night which I assume comes from the overwork of the past couple of days. Not that I've felt tense, but I know exactly what I do to myself when I'm counting pages (drawn-out explanation of what I do precisely omitted) and I know that's what's causing it.

It's Thursday, but it's Friday because we're off tomorrow. I love Christmas on the weekends. It means a three-day weekend for the next two years, as well, with Christmas landing on Sunday and then Monday. Thank goodness for leap year.

I think we have everything done and ready to go. I don't know if I'm responsible for bringing anything on Christmas Day, so I may bake a pie, anyway. When cleaning out the pantry we discovered I have four bottles of karo syrup, so a pecan pie to break in my new very deep dish stoneware pie dish sounds like just the ticket.

I'm tired, but I feel pretty good. The projected high temperature for today has dropped another few degrees -- last night they said it was going to be 58, this morning it's supposed to only reach 56. Hey, that's cold! And it's going to stay around a few days, so it may actually feel like Christmas outside, too. Snoopy dance!

Off to work.
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