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I was a trifle irritated to find out that a perfectly cromulant word I thought I'd made up in my own head is actually a British slang word that means the exact opposite of what my brain thinks it means. This word is "scrummy," which apparently means in Brit slang something really nifty and delicious, where I tend to use it internally to describe when I feel sort of scruffy and crummy, which is how I'm feeling right now. These moods come upon me in waves, because I was feeling fine most of the day. I think I'm just tired right now and things which normally wouldn't affect me instead do.

The weekend was packed to the rafters with activity. While rahirah baked her one MILLION cookies, I made lots of truffles, which I boxed in cute little green boxes and we separated into their packages to go with the cookies, and now there are ten boxes in my truck that I have to haul to the post office. I hope they have a cart I can borrow. In addition to the candy-making, there was shopping, and we finished off all the present shopping that needed doing (hooray!), and then I very badly bought a few things for myself. So there I was, with that "because I have a little extra money" thing, and suddenly I haven't any more extra money. Yikes. I was unleashed in a closeout store ("Tuesday Morning") and somehow just buying a few things, each one very cheap, added up to big money. Fortunately, because so many of my unit will be taking the next two weeks off, I expect overtime, so things should level out with the end of the month (knock wood). So now I have a lovely set of crystal candlesticks, a cake carrier that has a very cunning bottom which contains blue ice bottles so it can be kept cool, a new "welcome" mat, and a few other unnecessary little necessities.

I got home and hung up a few of our outdoor lights, carried the bins of stuffed animals out to the shed, hung the clothes, and then quite suddenly collapsed with very sore feet, but managed to help drag the tree in and set it up in the living room. It can be decorated later.

Why, yes, I love this season. And, with the "moods in waves" thing I mentioned at the top of the post, I now feel much better.
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