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Fast week

Wow, tomorrow is Friday already. Yay!

This weekend we do our holiday baking, which I think this year means a lot of truffles for me, rather than fudge, 'cause they're lighter; and cookie-press cookies.

Today we had our unit's Christmas party, and next week is the Department party. Making up for the fact that the Company doesn't do parties for us anymore, I suppose. But many of the people in my unit are very intro-sighted, and don't even want to participate in the Department fling, which is why they aimed to have "one for us" this week -- I myself never mind parties, free food, and gifts.

I have been psuedo-promoted to a position of minor authority in my unit, which just seems to mean I have a lot more work to do, but I kinda like it. It's made the last few weeks speed by so quickly I'm not even sure where they went. Thanksgiving was yesterday, right?

I made some Christmas CD compilations, but I need to do at least one more.

Hey, I got the real-world Colin, rather than one of his characters:

You belong with earth loving Colin. You will be so
happy together..You can travel the world
hugging trees as you go. A romantic walk on the
beach leads to picking up trash. Some may doubt
why you are with such a goody two shoes..but it
is simple because you are one too. Now go..the
earth needs you.

Which Colin Firth is your daddy?
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